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  • How can I contact you?

    You can reach us at 604-657-0114.

  • Can you repair all types of glass?

    Yes. We repair all types of glass, including tinted, tempered, mirrored, and laminated. Further, we can repair both interior and exterior glass. We do this on site without removing the window.

  • Do you have to remove glass to repair it?

    No. We restore your windows/glass on site without costly dismantling or replacement costs.

  • Do you perform window assessments for insurance or legal reasons?

    Yes. Contact us to discuss a comprehensive window damage assessment, the cost of which is often covered by insurance.

  • Who are your clients?

    We provide services for both new construction projects and accidental or vandalism damage for condominium and office towers. We also provide services to retail businesses and homeowners—wherever you find glass and stainless steel surfaces! If you are responsible for the maintenance of these buildings, you should have our number—604-657-0114.

  • Will your service accommodate my schedule?

    Most definitely. We will work around your schedule so as not to disrupt your business and/or clients.

  • Are your prices competitive?

    Absolutely. We offer a solution to replacing expensive windows for a fraction of the cost. We are able to keep our overhead down because we do all of our work on site. And, when you compare the cost of replacing glass versus restoring it, our service is by far the most economical option.

  • Where do you work?

    Our work takes us all over the Lower Mainland and surrounding areas, Vancouver Island, and the BC Interior.

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